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  • Aspen Art Museum / Shigeru Ban Architects

    by jay
  • Neo-Traditional Korean Homes:
    6 Modern Updates on the Vernacular Style

    “Hanok” is the term used to describe traditional Korean houses. The architecture of these houses focuses on the infrastructure’s relationship…

    by jay
  • New Identity for MasterCard by Pentagram

    Established in 1966 (as Interbank until 1968 and later known as Master Charge until 1979), MasterCard is a technology company…

    by jay
  • Queulat, Latino type

      Queulat is a hybrid typeface that combines two different styles, reflecting charm, freshness and, especially, a strong personality. The…

    by jay
  • Monotype Refreshes the London Underground Typeface

    While the identities of the major cities of the world are often closely associated with their physical situation or exceptional…

    by jay
  • Day & Night

    The idea that begins to act as an independent project worth to be produced and implemented into life. The copyright in…

    by jay
  • 360˚ Experience Circle

    360˚ Experience Circle | UX-CX-BX A way of looking at the relationship between User, Consumer, and Brand experiences, and how…

    by jay
  • The Quiet Streets Of Tokyo Captured By Hiroharu Matsumoto

    Japanese photographer Hiroharu Matsumotocaptures the streets of Tokyo in dramatic black and white images, exploring the feeling of loneliness in one…

    by jay
  • FS Lucas The Geometric Type

    FS Lucas is a new typeface from boutique type foundry Fontsmith. Based on near-perfect circles, triangles and squares, what could be…

    by jay
  • New Logo and Identity for The Met by Wolff Olins

    I have no argument with that. The museum is the closest thing I have to a spiritual wellspring in New…

    by jay