Introducing concept & Details of
customer experience in genesis showroom

The Genesis Retail Experience Guideline was built on the foundation of the Genesis brand strategy: the vision, mission and strategic framework that build the basis for all brand engagements.

The creative expression describes what drives the Genesis experience and what defines contents, look and feel of this experience.

All brand initiates follows our strategy and creative expression to create a coherent experience for our customers worldwide.

While customers and cars have changed, the retail experience is much the same as it was 100 years ago.

We want to shape a new and unique retail experience.

To achieve this we need to be radical in the conceptual approach,

the design of the experience, and the quality of the execution.


Retail space offers various range of service, experience and interactions with Genesis brand to customers. Conventional dealership space design tends to overwhelm potential buyers by placing a tremendous number of objects close to each other. One example is a condition of "clutter", which may appear to be an extremely familiar condition of the majority of current dealerships: an excessive amount of displayed vehicle, placing furniture adjacent to vehicles, floating brand logo in the middle of space, etc. As a result, such sales space often distracts the essential aspect of the dealership space: curation of the vehicle display where customers can focus on viewing cars.

The new Genesis space proposes first to separate all essential functions of the dealership: display space, introduction, lounge, consultation, and configuration. This is the initial step to avoid the typically cluttered condition of the dealerships. The second step is to consolidate all separated function to create one continuous space. As a result, this suggests a space which continues as a whole, simultaneously maintaining the sense of independence by forming a physical boundary for each function.

The spatial concept of the Genesis is "focus", questioning the notion of fundamental necessity for an ideal condition of vehicle display and interaction of viewers.

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