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With 8+ years' experience leading the brand, retail and exhibition, I am a professional empathiser and problem-solver on disruptive innovation.

My ultimate passion is to enhance people's understanding of a problem and then utilise the principles of art, design, architecture and emotion to generate relevant, meaningful and sustainable - be it an experience, an environment or a system.
Having worked both creative agency and in-house creative team for brands, my strengths lie in the ability to deep understanding of brand, working cross-functionally and finally planning the full end-to-end process to strategy, concept design, event planning and/or environments; through research, ideation, strategy, rapid prototyping & marketing.

Be Bold

Stay Curious

Make a Stand


Have Point

of a View


through a higher purpose

Take Risks

Brand Strategy
Brand Strategy defines what the brand stand for, a promise the brand make, and the personality the brand convey. I can develop the brand around emotional benefits and define the brand personality, story and positioning statements.
Brand Design
Brand design is all about creating a brand identity that perfectly reflects the brand. I can create elements(typo, color, graphic motif, even experiential concept) that shape branding design and represent brand's personality.
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